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Embodied Resilience Coaching

Embodied Resilience Coaching

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 "Embodied resilience coaching is a holistic approach designed to help you heal your relationships by learning to reconnect with yourself and others in ways that feel authentic and safe to your nervous system"


We will work together to set boundaries, learn communication skills and styles, shift mindset, follow through with behavioral shifts and learn to listen to our own intuition and inner guides.  


What Areas Do You Focus On?


We focus on building emotional resilience and self-love while reducing stress and anxiety surrounding areas such as:
body image
People Pleasing
Self Sabotage

"I enjoy working with clients from all industries to help them feel happier & more fulfilled in their day-to-day lives".


Why Emotional Resilience Coaching

  • Engage in unique therapeutic experiences while working 1-on-1 with your coach.
  • Participate in carefully chosen or curated activities that are specific to your goals.
  • Develop your internal and external communication skills. 
  • Achieve more stability, balance, and pleasure out of your life experiences.
  • Create a more healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

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